.5k for Pre-K

Welcome to The Running Event for the Rest of Us sponsored by the Junior League of Waco.  The .5k for Pre-K was created for individuals who were NOT ready to go the extra mile at all, and actually not even a quarter mile.  This race (I guess you call it that) is for those who would rather check your Instagram or eat donuts and refuel on coffee – not get up early and run or bike.  If you are willing to have fun, dress up, and poke fun at yourself, this is the race for you.

100 percent of the proceeds of the .5k for Pre-K go to the Junior League of Waco’s Power of Pre-K.  Focusing on the power of Pre-k allows the Junior League to further its vision that all women and children in McLennan County are equipped to thrive and fulfill their full potential.

There are several ways to participate in this event depending on your level of energy and the extent of your lack of training.  No matter how you “race”, participants will get the coveted t-shirt and other fun swag!

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