Power of Pre-K Community Programs

Pre-K Awareness brings community awareness of the value of pre-k in the life of a child and pre-k’s lasting affects. The JLW has created pre-k enrollment yard signs and flyers that were strategically placed throughout the community.

Pre-K Round Up is an enrollment event for families who have pre-k-eligible children. The event is a drive-through event that provide screenings, resources, goodies, and everything needed to completely register a child for Waco ISD pre-k.

Literacy and Learning provides materials and experiences that promote literacy, math, science, and social emotional learning, both in the classroom and at home. The JLW paid for all Waco ISD pre-k students (in-person and virtual students) to participate in the Mayborn Connect, a virtual experience led by Mayborn Museum presenters. The JLW also donated books that correlate with unit themes and play dough to 10 new Waco ISD pre-k teachers.

Pre-K Professional Development provides pre-k teachers with training opportunities to further foundational knowledge. For the WISD pre-k professional development the JLW sponsored the keynote speaker, Cathy Doggett, Ed.M., as well as Eddie B, an educational comedian.

Pre-K Educator Appreciation shows our pre-k educators appreciation for their challenging job. The JLW provided back-to-school goodie bags for 120 teachers and teacher assistants as well as t-shirts, decals, and 500 lapboards for pre-k classrooms!

Pre-K Early Leaning Champions informs local business and community leaders about the importance of early learning. Through events and screenings of documentaries such as No Small Matters, the JLW grows the relationships with community partners and celebrates their investment in pre-k children.