Michelle Basden

At first, I was hesitant to join the Junior League being a little older, but I haven’t looked back or questioned my involvement for one second! I have truly met some amazing women and have had so much fun attending meetings and getting to know everyone in my provisional class from every walk of life and every age. I have also loved learning and experiencing what the Junior League of Waco is all about and just how much impact we can truly have on our community. I am looking forward to my first of many active years and more lifelong friendships and feeling more like a Mom with a purpose who can help make a difference in and around Waco.

Ana Lowry

This last year has been one of the most memorable years of my life.  I joined Junior League hoping I could give back to the community, but I have gotten more back than I could have imagined.  I have learned about Waco, about the league, and how powerful we can be when we come together to give back.  I am so excited to begin my first active year, and to continue to build relationships and learn from other amazing women.

Ellie Faulkner

My provisional experience was unparalleled.  I met women whose paths I would not otherwise have crossed, and they have become friends that I know I will have for years.  Our service project challenged me to grow communication and leadership skills which have already proven to be useful in my career and have given me a sense of accomplishment and confidence to take on my placement this year. I graduated from Baylor and joined JLW upon returning with my husband, I had hoped to make new friends and to contribute to my community, but what I have gained is so much more significant. This organization is a place where women encounter other women passionate about Waco, service, and building up those around them, and I could not me more grateful to myself for taking the chance and joining.